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nVidia going way of M$?


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Micro$oft does have a special "relationship" with them since they worked together on things like the X-Box, and since people are puting Linux on the X-Box does it not make sense that nVidia would quit supporting Linux?


Look at it this way If nVidia were developing software, would they not start to complain about piracy, the item which has, as of 1999, became the new scapegoat to any loss of profit?


But why do they have to also quit supporting their Customers over a select few that they do not like because of their own personal vederanda?


The latest Linux platform drivers somehow vanished from their site. And they refuse to make their software open-source.


IMHO what nVidia is doing to its long-time customers (sort-of) does not make any sense.

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You sound very silly.


nVidia's Drivers for Linux and FreeBSD


The only reason nVidia got it for the X-Box was they undercut ATI... by a wide margin...


But got more imbursement from *other* deals from Microsoft.


The fact they won't open-source the drivers... may mean they have some patented IP from other corporations that do not want to open up the IP they have. It could be *JUST* one...


Open Source is not a magic Bullet. It is a way of thinking. BTW, the version Numbers for the Linux Video Drivers is 43.49... whereas the Latest official Windows Version is 43.45. And the Latest nForce drivers for Windows is 2.03... Linux is 2.48....


Hmmm... what was that you were saying?

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What I ment when i stated that Linux drivers are not as up to date - not by means of version - but means of when it was released. The nVidia nForce drivers they were going to post a few days ago - 2.49 - were pulled for some reason - but they are trying to keep a low profile.

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Perhaps a HUGE bug that was found that core dumps ANYthing except RedHat?


Also, nVidia also does unified developement for Drivers... the things that change from platform to platform is the HOOKS they use... The Code is supposed to exactly the same...


If you were to read the developers lists for nVidia... you'd find out that nVidia is probably the BEST about giving and providing support to Card Manufacturers.


Also, that when they release 43.45 for Windows they *COULD* release 43.45 for Linux...


Same goes for nForce drivers.

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