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Eaccelerator does not start anymore

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I have a strange problem with eaccelerator. I recognized that eaccelerator dooes not start again. Even after installing it again it do not run. When calling phpinfo() I can see that the .ini-file is parsed, but it do not run. In the error.log of apache2 I do not recognize any related errors...


My system is debian with php and plesk 8.6


Between the point in time I saw eaccelerator working and now I have done following changes:


  • disable the apache2-modules autoindex, negotiation, status and user_dir
  • installed debian security updates
  • ln -s libncurses.so /usr/lib/libncurses.so.5 for compatibility reasons


Do you have any recommendations?




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Perhaps a PHP security update broke the compatibility? Have you tried to recompile/reinstall eAccelerator?


Any special reason why you use eAccelerator over APC cache? APC cache can be easily installed/upgraded over PECL and run beautiful even under heavily load.

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