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sata problems

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hey guys, can you help me? i want to install linux 9 on my pc but linux cant recognize my hd, i used 2 run linux on an ide hd and i can install it but i switched to sata now and it says no harddrive.


my mobo is msi p6n sli v2, x2 sata hd


a want to add linux with my 2 other os, media center edition and xp pro sp2 grin


also can i add another os? i hav a jas mac os-x 10.4.8 and same problem, it cannot see mt sata hd

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Could you be more specific on what Linux distro and version that you have? If you are speaking of RedHat 9 or SuSE 9, then these versions are older and do not have support for sata drives.


If this is the case, I suggest that you use a new version of the distro which have sata support. For example, Fedora 8 or 9 is installed on my three systems with sata with no problem.

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