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What versions of PHP,Perl,Apache Server for RH8 ?

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Sorry to ask some dumb questions maybe asked for over a thousands times. Maybe you can redirect me to a thread with the same questions I have.I wanna run a webserver on my pc.It's a Intel pentium III 600Mhz with 128MB SDRAM, 2HDD(1:100GB, 2:20GB).I installed Win XP Pro on HDD1 and Linux Red Hat 8 on the other.Both work perfectly and I use the Linux GRUB-loader. I want to install PHP,Perl and Apache. But sometimes the list with available versions seems so long. I don't know which version to use anymore :x .Can you guys tell me what versions I need and what needs to be configured ? Or do you know a site where the configuration and installation notes are on ?


Thanks wink & greetzzz,



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