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power supply issues?

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I'm having a problem with my desktop pc... it hasn't been turning on for a few months. whenever i press the power button the the front, the light turns on for a second and i can hear the computer trying to start up, then it dies. a friend told me the problem is my power supply, so i opened up my computer and took out the power supply box. it looks like there's burn marks in it, and some components are melted. i took the information off of it, and went to a computer store to get a new power supply. now that i've hooked all the connections in and am trying to start my computer, it won't even turn on or do anything! any suggestions?

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Components were melted? That's not good at all. You may have more issues than just a power supply. The fact that there were burn marks on the unit and melted components might mean that your motherboard is in serious condition and might need to be replaced.


Also, double check all of the connections. Sometimes, when installing new hardware, the connections aren't in secure enough. Unplug all of them and them plug them back in. Hopefully the former is not the case. Best of luck.

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