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How to get sound working and getting dvd to play

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Hi im a total biginer with ubuntu and i have 3 questions 1 how do i get the sound to work i cant seem to do it 2 how do i get the video players to play my dvd films and 3 how come when i try to install/run say a program or game(world of warcraft)does nothing happen i just see the cd or game icon on the desk top and the programs wont run when i click on the installer.so if anyone can help me with these problems i would be very grate full.also could u explain in very basic terms as im a compleat noob with computers and this os.cheers laugh

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Since you are new to Linux, your friend is the Ubuntu Wiki, located here.


You did not specify what version you are using, so I took a guess.


In terms of your sound, we have no idea what system you have, so can you specify? Usually, it is a matter of turning up the volume by setting it on the system tray (Windows lingo) where the speaker icon is located. Unless you have an exotic system, this may just be the issue.


Finally, is the world of warcraft program a Windows version? I don't play games, so I don't have any idea if there is a Linux version. Please comment and tell us what steps that you tried to install the program.

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