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Help how to install Remote Serious Sam 1 Dedicated Server

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I am a relative newbie at Linux and have a remote server that I would like to run a Serious Sam server.


Could someone please tell me how I can install Serious Sam (1st encounter) on my remote box. I have the binaries, 1b, 2, and 3 version and have the CD here.


I think I need to do the following but am very unsure.

1. Upload all 3 binaries to my remote box

2. Upload the contents of my Serious Sam CD (windows) to a directory on my remote box

3. Set the CDrom path using the following command

export SETUP_CDROM=/path/to/director/I/uploaded/the/contents/of/CD

4. Set all binaries chmod to 755

5. Run all the binaries is sequence ?

sh ssamtfe-beta1b.sh.bin

6. Setup a dedicacted Server Script

7. Start a Screen

8. Execute the Dedicated Server Script to start the server


Please help me as I think I may have some things close, but not exact.

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Looks good to me, if possible, I would compress everything on the CD to make the transfer quicker. You may also want to (if possible) mount the contenst of the CD as "#mount -t filesystemtype /path/to/sscdcontents /mnt/cdrom", then run the the export command, "export SETUP_CDROM=/mnt/cdrom". If this works, you will have less room for problems, vice trying to install from just any direcory, because the install scripts will probably be looking for an actual CDRom Drive. The installer is GUI based, so you may have to also export the display back to your local terminal, unless you already have this setup to do so. Good Luck.

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