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AMD & Asus Geforce

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I have been having major crash problems with any drivers released from Asus to use with my v6800 geforce ddr.


all the drivers past 3.66 crash in desktop.


the 5.13 drivers from Nvidia work fine.

I was looking around the web for a reason why, and i came on onto a page for the Asus K7M motherboard. http://www.dbsnet.co.za/k7m/


What they seem to say under the Geforce section is that the AMD chipset, does not support proper AGPx2 functionality....

the Nvidia driver shuts this down when it detects an AMD chip, hence giving only AGPx1 speed...

now i downloaded that utility from the page which shows the AGP info. sure enough it says AGPx1, when i run Nvidia 5.13 drivers

when i ran the 3.79 or similar drivers from ASUS, it showed AGPx2, it seems that these drivers do no shut off the AGP x2 feature.


it seems that would be the reason why my computer crashes!!! Anyone else have same experience??? Anyone Have a FIX?????


This is a MAJOR black mark against AMD in my book. If this prevents me from using my AGPx2 capability that totally sucks...


and here i thought it was WIN2K screwing around with me (though i suspect there is still something with win2k, cause my games randomly crash even with 5.13 drivers)




AMD 750

Asus K7M M/b

Asus v6800 Geforce pure

SB LIve! value

20 gig maxtor HD

48x Cd

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