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Soapbox: To Those Reviewing Lindows OS

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I have had 2 problems getting it to work and noticed on a few reviews they somehow never tried to use technical support, a large factor in deciding to buy an operating system.


My first problem was that I could not get on the net. Lindows would not open the driver files for the Nforce network card. I contacted them and was told, within 24 hours, that I was in a catch 22 situation and to contack the motherboard manufacturer. I am not sure if they wanted me to use Click And Run, but I found Alien myself later, a program that converts the files...


My second problem is unsolved. After 4 attempts to install, now on a MSI 6590 motherboard, it hangs each time on "configuring runtime system". Locked solid. I submitted to technical support SIX days ago with no response. This was after reading all the FAQs and trying a few suggestions suggested to me by people in the forums. I also put in a complaint in their forums where they specifically ask for your opinions. As far as I can tell, these guys dont read their own forums much, either, I thought for sure, at the very least, some PR person would try and make me feel all warm and fuzzy wink


So, if your reading this and you review software that requires paying and offers technical support, to always check up on that technical support before completing your review. Many times, poor technical support can ruin an otherwise good piece of software.


Thanks for reading.

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