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RedHat 8.0 or wait for 8.1

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Hi all,


I've used linux in the past and I'm looking to play with it again. I was wondering if I should bother to download 8.0 or wait and get 8.1 when it's released. I don't really want to get the beta. Since it's so close to release I debating.


Is it worth it for me to wait or is there an update feature in 8.0 that will update it to 8.1 when it's released.


Help is welcome.

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Get KNOPPIX to Play...


Then when you are serious...


Load Debian... and never install again.


There is a serious world of Debian Nobpdy even knows about.

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I'm Downloading KNOPPIX now to try. I'll look into Debian.

Debian is the INSTALL once, upgrade forever, whenever you want to distribution...

Woody (3.0r1) is Stable... Bug/Security fixes only...
Sarge (no version number) is Testing... it will become the Next Stable.. more than likely v3.1
Testing is Very Nice, very good... About as Stable as a RedHat or Mandrake RELEASE.

Then there is Sid (Unstable) ... it is... and breaks itself regularly...

Then we get to Experimental ... nothing even should work for long on it... usually Upstream developers run a combo of Testing/Unstable/Experimental. It is all about Quality Control and Testing... POLICY makes that happen.

KNOPPIX v3.1beta (release 2003-1-20-EN) has what I term "SuperHuman Hardware Detection"... If linux supports it... typically KNOPPIX does too... Doesn't run an experimental Kernel (2.5.x) but is a combo of Stable, Testing, Unstable and a mish0mash of other custom written software.

There is even an installation routine called knx-hdinstall.

I use KNOPPIX for all of my hardware detection. Debian Woody for my installations... Awesome pair there. Plus Debian runs on nearly any hardware you have (iX86, IA-32, IA-64, PowerPC, 68XXX, Sparc, PA-RISC, Alpha, SuperH, HURD, MIPS, MIPS-EL, S390, and so on...

Debian the Non-Dicriminatory Linux... where every platform is important.

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