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Voodoo2 D3D - no, wrapper - how?

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Short version - how do I get a wrapper set up for Asheron's Call with my Voodoo2 card?


Long - I've got an older 440FX computer that I'm donating soon, but am waiting for the new Intel 815's to come out before I upgrade. Until then, I'm reluctant to put any more $$ into my 440FX system with an old stealth2000 2d and Voodoo2 3d cards. I love Windows2000, but am currently addicted to Asheron's Call and have tired of playing it in software mode. I've read about the horrible impossibility it is to write a driver for the Voodoo2 (sounds like planned obsolescence to me) and that an option is to use a glide wrapper, which I have never done before. Anyone able to guide me in my quest for the lost polygon?

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I know it's been 14 years but I'm still waiting for someone to create a good 3dfx Voodoo2 wrapper. (for Novalogic MiG-29 Fulcrum. 3Dfx graphics features are disabled because of unsupported hardware plus some other issues.)


 And what the hell I can't register using my yahoo email or even outlook email! Apparently they are "not accepted by the community" ???!!! :mad: Can someone explain this ?

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