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mail API support in Linux for programmers

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Hello ,


I am sure that the following problem is not at all new. Some one have already handled this. I would like to know from them, how this can be handled.


Application takes the information from a user, through a normal GTK based GUI. This information collected has to be sent to a mail address. Collected user information should be send as a mail. User information can be sent as an attachment or other formats such as a XML tagged information file in the body of the mail.


Do we have such APIs in Fedora core 8? What library I can use to send a mail? Do we have a URL for more information in this regard? Do we have any examples to use this APIs?




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Articles about programming languages, software testing and quality, ... Now take a look at the following code (from Fluent Mail API) and tell me how many ... Open source: “I don't use open sorce software because I want support” ... I wanted so much to use my preferred Linux distro, but that would mean that I ..

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