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USB mass storage help

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I've been through this on most sites and haven't been able to get a solutions. Believe me that when I do, I will update all sites with my find.


Running OOB (out of box) RH8 compliant with their hardware list, no kernel updates (2.4.18


I have an Atech Pro III 7-in-1 reader (memory cards for cameras).




It has firewire and 6 types of digital media. I'm not using firewire so that is not my issue. If connects to the computer by either firewire giving 7-in-1 compatability or USB (me) for 6-in-1.


On Windows is shows up a 4 different drives with my memory stick (Sony) being the 4th choice.


I just found this site so I want to restart this process from the start.


using sda1-4, I am not able to view any data on the memory stick and can only mount it as tmpfs and not vfat. I've tried sda-d as well.


This thread seems similar but I have a Pro III and not a Pro II.




I did add those lines jsut to see and nothing changed.

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