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How to make wireless lan on VPR 180B5 work with RedHat 8?

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It seems RedHat has it well built in, but not able to activate it.

In kernel 2.4.18, I can see the pcmcia includes entry "Ricoh Rl5c475",

is there some tricky link missing here?


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I'm using Slackware 8.1 (on a VPR Matrix 180B5) but try this:


1. Check that /proc/pci contains an entry for the Ricoh chip

2. If you compiled wireless support as modules then make sure that the orinoco module is loaded.

3. Use iwconfig to connect to an access point

4. If you're running DHCP, use dhcpcd to get an ip address.

5. Test your connection by running lynx http://www.linuxcompatible.org wink


Check out http://www.theeggbeater.net/vprmatrixlinux/ for more information.


Hope this helps.



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