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error 17 message from grub loader

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Hi guys, hope i posted in the right area of this forum?


I have win xp mce installed but a while ago i (with the help of a friend who knows about such things) was messing around with ubuntu. During this messing around it apears some partitions were created and grub 1.5 installed i thnk! I forgot about this and in disk manager i deleted oe of these partitions to create more space for my data. I reformatted this new space fat32 and named it drive M.


All was fine when running last night but after restartign this morning i get the message loading grub 1.5 and cannot load grub error 17 which i believe means cannot mount drive.


Looking at this forums previous post i tried to boot from windows cd and then repair console but i get the message that this cannot be done as there are no hard drives installed?! I get this same message when trying the reinstall windows function.


Any advice or input would be great, i really do not know enough to be doing this so I'm hoping you guys can help me out of a tight spot!



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