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My Hardware Changed .. On Its Own! Nvidia GeForce

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Hi Everyone,


Not only is this a problem .. I thought that it was an impossibility!?


I have had this pc for over two years.


It's the media center edition built upon xp pro.


It has Always had the Nvidia GeForce 6200 TurboCache display adapter.


I have all of the hardware specs that came with it and I have two or three copies, (made on different dates) of Belarc Advisors audits which also show that I am not nuts.


Not only does Belarc show this hardware change .. Everest does too!

Both of them couldn't be wrong and most especially .. at the same point in time?



Well, All of that has changed, sometime within the last few days!


When I pulled up the properties menu earlier and clicked on adapter, it showed Nvidia GeForce 6100!?


I went directly to Belarc Advisor and to my dismay .. It now shows the 6100.


What Possible way could this have happened?


Hardware just doesn't changed by itself, does it?


I've also experienced a lot of Explorer, Firefox and Opera shutdowns along with other shutdowns like the computer shutting itself down and re-booting. To protect itself?

Thats what the message says whenever it does this.


My monitor display colors have been pretty bad too.



I just can't figure this one out and I've never seen anyone else post this kind of problem before.


Thanks Everyone,





I have Tons of error reports in my event viewer, most of them dealing with a faulting application and/or module.


A driver I assume?


These #'s seem to have a part in it: (version numbers) 5.1.2600 and 5.1.2600.2180


Application: drwtsn32.exe

Faulting Module:dbghelp.dll

Fault address: 0x0001295d


THIS Stuff might as well be written in Greek!

Why is it that lawyers and Pc Geeks can't speak or write in plain ole everyday language? LOL



Twice I tried to start the pc and got a blue screen using Lots of Greek and telling me They saved my pc by shuting down and Dumping memory!



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Possibly the card (if it is indeed external) is ready to die. First, is it an external card? Or is it an onboard chip? Both are rather easy to troubleshoot. If it is a card, take the old one out, buy a new one (6200's are dirt cheap now, and you can always get something a little newer too) and that will more than likely solve your issues. If the "card" is actually a chip on the motherboard, it's a bit more of a hassle, but all you have to do is disable the onboard video in the motherboard BIOS, and install an actual video card (similar to the first situation, just not actually physically removing the damaged goods). If you're uncomfortable doing all this, take it in to a store, or get a tech-savvy friend to help you out.


Also, worth a note, have you updated the drivers recently? It's possible, on some miniscule plane of existence, that it's having an identity crysis due to incompatible drivers. Not very likely, but hey, you never know.

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