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Need help installing a keygen

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I've installed Nero Linux 3.0.12 OK, but can't figure out how to install the keygen. I'm not very experienced at using the command line. The instructions are as follows:


1) open a terminal

2) chmod +x keymaker

3) ./keymaker

4) cd /

5) tar xvzf /path/to/nerolinux-

6) start nerolinux and enter a serial


If someone could walk me through this that would be great. Thanks.

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Sorry, but this would be unethical and probably illegal to help you run this commercial package by generating a key/serial number crack. You can always buy it for $19.99 from Nero.


Any reason why you don't use a Linux based burning software? There are several good ones out there depending on the desktop and distro that you are running.

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