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jim simon

Can't make Internet connection:

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I have Puppy 300, Compaq Presario laptop 1200US with original Conexant modem and a new Xircom modem. I configured the Puppy dialup wizard connection. Puppy recognizes the Xircom card only. However, it can't make the connection. When I try to connect, I lift up my phone receiver and I can hear that it is trying to make the connection with all those strange sounds and bells, but nothing connects. Here is the print out on the screen:


ATOT xxx-xxxx

Connect 115200


Carrier detected. Waiting for prompt.

User Access Verification


 Looks like a loggin prompt.

 Sending: (my username was written here)

username (again my username was written here)


Looks like a password prompt.

Sending password

Authorization – failed service.

No Carrier

Don’t know what to do! Starting pppd and hoping for the best.

Starting pppd at Friday Dec 7 20:20:59 2007


Nothing happened and I had to abort the process. I would like to change /dev/ttySO to /dev/ttyS1, etc. Maybe that can fix it. How do I get to a command line so I can change that setting to see what happens?


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