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Blank Process Windows

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I just encountered an unusual situation which is also a little hard to search for in the MS KB. This happened back in April, but we couldn't figure it out and now it has ocurred again on a completely different machine.


A user called up and reported that a bunch of windows appeared all over the place when she tried to open an Excel file. Upon looking into this, I discovered that each blank window represented a different process which was running in the background. Every single process had it's own window, so you can imagine what 45 blank windows all over the screen look like and why it was puzzling.


The only way around this the first time was to manually stop each process, which closed the associated window, and then reboot the machine. It never happened again to that machine. Since this is the second time this has happened, I thought I would inquire everyone here to see if anyone knew anything about this.


There were only about 4 applications running at the time and nothing too abnormal appeared in the event viewer. No error code given to help troubleshoot. AntiVirus software did not detect anything and is completely up to date with Symantec AntiVirus CE version 10.1 (virus def. 11/8/2007 rev. 16); I'm very anal about keeping these up to date. We only use IE 6.


Additional Details:

Windows XP SP2 fully patched

Office XP (case 1) & Office 2007 (case 2)

Dell OptiPlex SX270 machines

512 GB of RAM

About 50% free space on HDD



Any help on this would be greatly appeciated. Thanks in advance.

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