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Can't Install Linux

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Hi there, i'm just a noob, so try to explain in human laugh


I have tried to install Ubuntu 7.04, Mandriva 2005, Mandriva 2007 Spring and i can't even boot it (Mandriva 2007 got it installed, but the OS doesn't boot it just hangs) And with some Knoppix LiveCD...


In all this distros my computer just freezes and i have to reboot


This are the specs for the machine (very old machine) where i'm trying to install linux:


Processor: Intel Celeron 4, 1700 MHz (4.25 x 400)

Motherboard: Intel Brookdale-G i845G

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 4000

RAM: 640MB

HDD1: 153GB total (The linux Partition is 9.9GB and a 1.6GB Swap)

HDD2: 28GB

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LiveCD's can be very memory intensive.


Download memtest86+ and test your memory.


Leave it on all night or if your impatient let it run for 3 passes.

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Overclocking? Try dropping back to the stock speed; Linux can be a bit fussy when RAM timings and/or CPU settings are too aggressive. I have had several CPUs that would overclock just fine with Windows, but have apps, X, or the whole OS just bomb.

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