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Magicolor 2430DL/OpenSuse 10.3 64-bit

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I've posted this at the opensuse forums, but am casting my net as wide as possible for responses, I hope that's OK.


I've just installed 10.3 64-bit, and can't get my Magicolor 2430DL printing. I downloaded the foo2jzs tar and extracted it, then went into raptures when I found that it contained a PPD for that very printer. Sadly, after adding the PPD to the list, I still got no life from my printer. In a thread on the opensuse forums, the OP says that instructions on the foo2jzs page got his up and running. However, that was for 10.1, and I want to make sure that the instructions will work for 10.3 too.


I need a working printer because I have installed compiz fusion and now want to enable it. Since this involves going into a terminal and restarting X, I want nice clear printed instructions that will make sure both my neurons know what they're doing. Especially since I'm thinking I should try using compiz fusion directly, without xgl. I'm not exactly scared of the CLI, but it's been a while, and I would feel much more comfortable with a working printer. Of course, I could always reboot into XP, come back here, print the instructions I need, then boot back into Suse and carry on, but if I can avoid doing that, so much the better.

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