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Backtrack 2 Problem

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i am using backtrack live cd (2) and i did the following commands to allow for read/write access on a NTFS drive:


umount /mnt/hda1


modprobe fuse


ntfsmount /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1


afterwards is worked fine, I was allowed to write files

but after i restarted the computer and went into windows I was unable to access/read/write the files that I wrote to the partition at all! Do you have any idea's how to fix this?

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I assume that you were following the directions on the wiki page located here?


When you have the partition mounted, is the output of the mount command the same as on the wiki page.


Also, hda1 is your actual Windows drive? The command ls -l /mnt/hda1/ shows your Windows file structure, as in the example?


Some systems have a hidden recovery partition, which may be hda1. Just checking to see if this is not the case with your system.


Finally, what type of files did you write to the partition, and did you write them to the root directory, or elsewhere?


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