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Need Advise. Most suitable linux distro

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Hello, I am new to linux and I would like to have advises on linux distros and additional software packs, anyone help?


Machine Spec(from an old laptop):

Celeron 1.2Ghz

10GB Harddisk


Onboard SiS display

SiS intergated NIC

Floppy drive

***No optical drives***

----and thats all----


Usage(I will put it on my bedroom TV and control via IR keyboard):



3)web surfing(text browsing, online music(streamed), streamed movie"uTube"/"Flurl"/"Redtube"......)

4)watching movies(from files/DVD drives shared on a Microsoft Windows Network),need to play dvd with menu

5)listening to music(mp3,wma,rm...)

---and thats all---


Extra requirement:

1)with GUI, desktop

2)stable OS(as it will seldom being switched off, well I think no one want turning on the TV and wait for that slow machine to boot)

3)requires minimal maintenance

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Given your limited system requirements, you are likely to have problems with Ubuntu and SuSE 10.3.


Ubuntu System Requirements


openSUSE Hardware Requirements


I would say perhaps Puppy Linux. but I don't know about the IR keyboard.


Any chance on upgrading the memory?


How do you propose to install the distro with no optical drive on the system?


What laptop is this?

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