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How can I share folders in LAN by Linux?

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In our LAN, I use Linux Redhat8 and another use Windows2000. After I setup my IP address, my PC can communicate to each other PC by Web, FTP, Mail.

But I don't know, how to share my folders (directorys) to other PC and vice-versa (like when you use Client Microsoft Network protocol in Windows LAN)

Please help me!

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You need to setup Samba, make sure Samba and SWAT are both installed and running. Any number of help sites on the net will show you have to use them.


For browsing windows networks on a linux box I find LinNeighborhood is easy to use.


Hope this helps.

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Configure LAN/FWall/shared folders n' stuff


() Note that you have to be cautious if you want to R/W while under linux to another partition ( better let that R/O(it IS possible but not recommended) )


|su root | mount -t smbfs -o username=TheUserName | (prompt for passwd will appear after that ( if necessary )) | //ComputerName/SharedFolder /mnt/TheMountPoint


As for within XSession ( try with konqueror or whatever )


| smb://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/ |


Hope that's what you wanted



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