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Booting linux and windows from same HDD partitions

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crazy Hi i am new to this forum. I have a problem with the booting of my system after installing Redhat 9.0. I cannot enter in to windows XP after that. As i have very little knowledge about booting process ido not know how to cure this problem. Can anyone tell me how to enter in to windows XP at the time of booting? At the time of booting command window with GRUB is showing. Then what sould I try to ENTER windows?

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Hi, i have installed Redhat linux 9.0 without any problem.

But after that windows XP cannot boot... the problem is on startup the linux bootloader GRUB is not allowing windows XP to boot. Can I find a solution for that? And also should I can uninstall Linux from my system?

Because there is a lot of problem with my Redhat linux 9.0.

My problems are these can any one say a solution?

1.How to activate USB flash drive on Linux?

2.How to enter XP on booting?

3.How to enable sound on the following CONFG:

vendor:VIA Technologies

model:VT8233 AC97 Audio Controller


Above soundcard is automatically ditected by Linux. But the sound is not hearing. Is any reason for that? Is there any need to install audio drivers. So where i can find such audio drivers on net?

4.Can copy folders in linux that can be done in windows

5.How to install audio driver is there any?

Those ones who have the solution please send to address- ktpmsmd

And please share your experiance with Linux...

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Red Hat 9 is rather old (released in 2003), you might have better luck with Linux using Fedora 7 (based on RH) or Ubuntu.


To uninstall GRUB boot loader (and restore Windows XP's boot loader) you need to use fixboot C: and fixmbr commands in Recovery Console.


See this how to get into recovery console, requires XP CD:

Description of the Windows XP Recovery Console.


Then, when you are in the recovery console, execute those two commands and they should remove GRUB.


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