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Compatibility of Logitech MX Revolution mouse

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I've been thinking of going wireless, as regards mouse, and have been toying with the idea of getting a Logitech MX Revolution, albeit that I don't actually need most of the functions on it. The MX has had exceptional reviews, seems especially good for photo-editing, and looks a comfortable, elegant mouse, with good battery life. Aesthetically, it'd also fit in with my keyboard, monitor and other desktop paraphenalia, since they're all black.


Does anyone know if this mouse's huge chunk of software is compatible with Windows 2000? The Logitech website doesn't say, one way or the other, and it seems impossible to get in touch with Logitech, to ask them. You see, I run a dualboot machine, of Windows 2000 with Windows XP.


I know next to nothing about Bluetooth and my five-year-old self-built PC embodies no wireless functionality at all, to date, though it has plenty of USB ports.


At Logitech's website support section, mention is made of 'SetPoint' software and I presume that to be the name of the aforementioned software. Is that the case, or is Setpoint something else? There are apparently two versions of SetPoint - Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth - and I therefore presume I'd need to use the non-Bluetooth version. Right? For transmit/receive, I gather that the MX is partnered by a USB 'dongle' that plugs into a spare USB port on the PC.

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