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Problems installing unbuntu 7.04

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So here I am, trying to install Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on my Laptop which is an ASUS F3JP, but i just cant get it to work.

Im trying to learn Linux, but its kinda hard , because no matter what i try i just cant seem to get to install it.

I get an error saying that x cannot be initialized.

Ive tried installing it in graphical mode and text mode.

Graphical mode wont start, and text mode setup works fine until i want to start up and load into x.

Then i get the same error.


Help anyone?


Cheers =)

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Thanks for the replies.

I havent had the chance to check any of this out yet.

I just installed more RAM and will install vista on it so i can learn vista. After installing vista im going to install ubuntu so I can learn ubuntu.

Going forward in life =)

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