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logitech skype cam (this one).... wont recognise?

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Hello there I recently bought this cam off ebay




It installed fine on my mums PC but when I plug it in here it dosnt recognise it as a logitech cam shocked I have tried installing it 100 times + with logitech quickcam download software and also the drivers for it on the guys ebay page, but it just says cannot find drivers for this device


When I go to my computer, right click - device manager - it comes up with "other devices" and "PC camera ?" with a questionmark yellow sign


I have tried automatic install and also installing from just about every driver on the PC! it wont work! I cant "browse" to a "logitech driver" either, its in "my programs" the logitech quickcam 30mb or so software I installed, but it dosnt come up with a logitech driver in the drivers list?!?!


It did say on the cam that some USB ports dont recognise it and I may need an external USB. I doubt this though as my pc spec isnt bad, its a dell optiplex 2.6mhz 1gb ram! and has about 8 usb ports.


The first time I plugged it in it comes up with "found new hardware" now when I plug in the USB it wont even come up in the bottom right corner with this message but it DOES make a "bleep bleep bleep" sound, and is also recognising it as a "PC camera?" ie unknown in the USB port in device manager?


What must I do to install this camera!

help me please! im frustrated with this!




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