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Nvidia GeForce 6800 gt Video Card

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I'm not exactly a brilliant with computers so please bear with me. At any random time while playing games such as Call of Duty or WoW, my computer screen will become extremely pixelated and bright. An obvious computer crash but I must restart the computer in order to get out of it. I don't quite know how to describe it better than that but I took a picture of what happens to the screen with my Cellphone.




Anyone have any idea what the problem with this may be or how I can fix it? I've updated all of my drivers and cleaned out my computer and yet its still crashing.



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Could be a couple of different things, it appears to be a thermal issue and the graphics card is overheating.


I would first check that the Graphics Card is not over heating.


Try powering off the machine and unplugging it and then carefully removing the graphics card and blowing out any excess dust/dirt. Use those cans of compressed air to do this, not a vacuum cleaner.


Also do this with the rest of the computer case as well.


The next thing to check on is the PS Unit, after awhile they can break down due to time and such.


Replacing this with a good brand name PS Unit will help and getting one that is over-powered is a good idea in that you will have some power for reserve.


If you can give the rest of the system specs to the best details you can or use something like CPU-Z or any number of free diagnostics tools to give you a readout of what your system specs are would be a good idea as well.



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