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Windows Flight Simulator X, Sims Complete Collec..

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Hello, i recently bought a MACBOOK, OSX 10


I bought flight simulator and the sims complete collection and was wondering if my macbook would be able to run these games.


If it is able to run it is there some sort of thing you need to download or some sort of expansion thing i need?


How can i get these games running


are they compatible with mac OSX?

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Hmmm... well, you've done a couple of things wrong to begin with:


Problem #1: You've posted a question regarding to Macs in the Windows forum. You might get crucified for that one. I understand that you are asking a question about a Microsoft product, but you are also talking about consorting with the enemy: Apple. There is a completely different forum further down the page for Apple. I would highly suggest going to that forum, as they would be much more able to help you.


Problem #2: You bought a Mac. Sorry, but that's about all I can offer.

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