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Realplayer and midi sound on vista 64 bit

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Hi all

These are two unconnected questions, but the thing they have in common is that I've just installed Vista home premium 64 bit.


The first question is to do with MIDI. My computer plays sound (wav, mp3, m4a etc) OK and Windows Media player does recognise Midi files as a file which should give rise to sounds (its slider goes across...) but there is no sound from the midi files. This suggests to me that Vista is not making the connection between the commands in midi files and the sounds available in the default soundfont (if there is a default soundfont in Vista?).

My setup is a ConRoe945G-Dvi motherboard with onboard soundcard connected to computer speakers and/or headphones (direct from the side of the right hand speaker).

I use music notation software, for which midi will have to sound before I can use it properly. I haven't bought the Vista enabled version of the music notation software yet, because I am waiting fo a solution to the basic midi problem.

I can wait for a solution since I have an offline XP computer specially for music, which recognises Midi perfectly well LOL



The second question relates to realplayer. I was going to listen to "BBC listen again", but my system refuses to install realplayer. Is there a realplayer prog which is both compatible with Vista 64 Bit and with the BBC's system? (Obviously my offline music computer is not the way forward there!)


Looking forward to feedback on these two questions.

Kind regards

David W Solomons



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BTW Thanks for the replies on Realplayer - I hadn't seen the answers when I wrote my previous message, so belatedly thanks.


(I thought the forum's system would send me an email notification of replies... does this not happen?)


Still interested in ideas for the midi sound problem.




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I remember reading about a problem like this with sound after resume from standby, or reboot, with Realtek HD audio. This issue happens all the time? Did you look at the audio faq page on the AsRock web page?

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