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Hi to all the CompatDB gang!


Nothing serious really: Being new to the site, I have to keep looking to find out which site I'm on! The heading of the site doesn't stand out at all?


See, I told you it wasn't much.


What a gihumunginormous site! OMFG as they say! Great stuff, well done indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smile !!!!!!!!!!! smile !!!!!!!!! smile

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It's ok, I've nailed the bookmark to my monitor with blue-tack! smile


edit* I should say that the layout of the site is absolutely fine, it's only the logo. I feel a bit embarrassed now I'm getting used to it! Take your time with any changes, it's just the witterings of a 44 year-old Novice that still has a bit of a dither on new sites.=============================> smile

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