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Nvidia driver on Kubuntu

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I am trying to install the Nvidia display drivers for Kubuntu 7.04 and it keeps giving me an error message saying the authentication method is not available.


I am trying to install as root in the console with x turned off. I get the error when I type su to log in as root. Telinit 3 will only work if I'm root as well.


I also tried to create a user account that was just root and use that password, but I get the same error message.


This method has worked for me in the past using Mandriva, but is Kubuntu different being Debian based?

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Thanks again danleff, again your advice is right on the money. I got the Nvidia drivers, compiz and openGL to work. I thought it might have installed incorrectly at first, because all of the title bars disappeared and I couldn't click on the taskbar. Also the keyboard stopped working. But a quick reboot fixed all that and got the 3D desktop working.


Is this all you do all day? Hand out great advice?

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