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Windows 200/fedora core 6 dual boot problems

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I recently installed fedora core 6 on a 400gb hard drive on a new partition. I already had windows 2000 installed on a seperate partition. I wanted to be able to pick which os to run. I only get fedora to start up and no choice to run windows. If any one can help me i greatly appreciate it. I am new to linux and am running the os to learn more about it before i get in the class this fall. Thanks again

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Excuse the shortness of this reply and multiple questions, but this is asked often. The mistake users make is usually an error in partitioning the hard drive for Fedora.


What method did you use to partition the hard drive, ahead of time usng some sort of utility, or by way of the Fedora partitioning utility during the installation?


If a third party utility, where did you make space for Fedora, at the begining of the drive or the end?


If you partitioned using the Fedora installer, what method of partitioning did you chose from the menu when you got to the point of telling Fedora how to partition the drive?


Where did you tell Fedora to place the Grub files and bootloader?


...and just to clarify, this is the only hard drive in the system?

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