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Installing Nvidia Video card drivers

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I need some help with installing Nvidia drivers. I have posted here before(danleff), so I'm not going into what all of my specs are.


Suffice it to say that I'm trying to install the drivers for a EVGA 7950GT card on Mandriva Powerpack+ 2007.


I have read the install instuctions on Nvidia's website, but I can't get it to work. I downloaded the driver from their site and followed the instuctions as best as I could, but I can't figure out how to turn off X and run the install as root and then to turn X on again. Everytime I try it gives an error saying that X can't be running or that I have to run the install as root.


I did do this same thing a few years ago, successfully, but for the life of me I can't recall how I did it.


The main reason I want ot do this is so I can turn on the 3D Compiz desktop features.


It would be SO much easier if they would just have the drivers in RPM format so that anyone could install them.

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Yes, and thank you once again. Everything went smoothly, and I now have the right video drivers for Mandriva.


The only odd thing is that now the refresh rate for my monitor is at 52Hz, with the options of 50Hz and 51Hz. It should be at 60Hz, but it seems to display everything just fine. So it's not really a problem as much as it's just kind of odd.


I know that the next thing you'd suggest would to set the right monitor, but I tried that. My monitor isn't one of the ones listed under the manufacturer list(all of the ones in the list are 4x3 monitors and mine is a 16x9). So my only choice is the standard LCD 1440x900.

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