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Call of Duty Video card problem

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Hi, my computer is only a year old and I thought that if I tried to load the first call of duty game that it would run ok. Unfortunately I get the following error.


"Your video card appears to be missing one or more features required to run Call of Duty.


You should install the latest drivers for your video card, being sure to uninstall the old drivers first. If you already have the latest drivers, you should completely uninstall the drivers and then reinstall them. This fixes most problems. If the game still doesn't work, it may be that your video card does not have the minimum features required. Please check the readme for more information, including a list of supported video cards."


I think my video card is this - VIA/S3G UniChrome Pro IGP


Can I get new drivers or do I need a new card?


Best regards,



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I concur with DosFreak, you are using the onboard graphics display on your motherboard and it just does not have enough features and power to properly run this and many other games in the past couple of years...


You should check your motherboard for an AGP slot as most of these motherboards had an AGP 8x slot on them, even the micro ATX boards.


There are a lot of really good AGP 8x cards still available and some are based on the current DX9 GPU's like the nVidia 7xxx series and the ATi x13/16/19xx series cards.

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