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Slackware 11.0 fails to boot

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Hi folks,


Just finished installing Slackware 11.0 from "Slackware-11.0 install DVD". On reboot by pressing [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del] it failed to boot hanging on;


GRUB Loading stage1.5

GRUB Loading please wait

Error 17


Pls advise how to fix the problem. TIA





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Grub error 17 appears when Grub recognizes the partition that you are trying to boot, but the file system type does not match the OS that you are trying to boot. So, we need more information.


Do you have Slackware dual booting with Windows? If so, when does the error occur, when booting Windows or Slackware?


Very often this happens when you have a system with hidden partitions, say an HP or Compaq system that has a hidden recovery partition. Is this the case with your system?


Did you partition the hard drive space before installing Slackware, or allow Slackware to do it for you? What did you choose during the process?


Did you change the boot order of the hard drives (if you installed slackware on it's own hard drive) in the bios at any time during the process? No I am not recommending you do this!

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