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Yey! I installed the new glibc and new xcdroast!!!

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i will not ask help this time. i think at first i destroyed linux 7 but i ran it!


here is what i did. it is wrong i think but i woked it!


1 - i install new version of glibc and it says it need another file glib-common.

2 - i downloaded another file from rpmfind

3 - i install both new files but it says it has errors that old one conflict

4 - it also says dependency problems

5 - i remove old glibc and other file and install glibc and no errors

6 - linux will not start!!! many reboot

7 - i was in fear!

8 - i put the linux cd copy and chose upgrade!!!

9 - i forgot what i clicked in the setup. but i chose some extra options i discover

10 - linux starts!!! yehey!

11 - i try to check and install new glibc again.

12 - linux says it is intalled already so i do not install it again.


smile now i get to install new rpm smile new xcdroast version and more!!!.

he he he. now to make xcdroast to run laugh


im sure it is not the proper way to go about it and scared me also but it work!

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And to add to this all.


just now i got to install xfree86 and all the files that it need using same method because of same rpoblems. i am begining to think its the right way is it?

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yes, rehat linux 7 because it is what i can get as of the moment. the 8 is very much bigger to be downloaded via a 56k U.S.R. modem . Maybe if i start today i will get it when 9 comes out no? he he he

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