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updating - what components best?

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I'm about to update my old HP Pentium 900 with a new motherboard, graphics card, modem, and memory. I will be running Linux and XP (I do NOT want to to do Vista) -- probably Suse or Ubuntu. I would appreciate any advice about components that are most compatible.



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Why update that pc?

buy a new chassis and put all the new components in that one.


And i also dont understand what you want with it?

Do you need it for certains programs? Graphic editing etc?


How fast is you current computer?

is it a P 900?

Then for gods sake buy a new cpu (like the core 2 duo *recommended*) new ram to it (PC5400 or PC6400), mainboard(http://www2.abit.com.tw/page/no/motherboard/motherboard_detail.php?pMODEL_NAME=AB9&fMTYPE=LGA775), graphic card for what purpose the pc is, a better one for gaming etc.


Add some 450w PSU with it and a chassis of your own choosing. Voila, a brand new computer :P

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