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Kubuntu only prints @PJL commands

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I used KMenu> System Settings> Printers to set up my Brother hl1240 laser printer. I use the foomatic hl1250 (as recommended). I go through all the steps ok and it prints out what I thought was a test page during the setup wizard and I finish. But, when I try to send somthing to the printer ( a remote cups server) all it will print is the same output. No matter what I try to print, it prints the same thing.

The test page looks like this:





@PJL SET..........



The last string changes each time and there are more lines preceded by "@PJL SET" but for the sake of brevity, I only show a couple.

I really would like this Kubuntu 6.0.6 install to be able to print properly over my network.

Any idea?


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I use a Brother HL 1270N, my printer can print in 4 modes:

HP Laserjet 6 (PCL), BR-Scriptlevel2, Epson FX-80, IBM Proprinter XL.

You can set the emulation via a web interface e.h. http://<printer ip address>/printer/main.html. This should match the driver installed.


It seems you have the wrong driver installed for CUPS or the remreo server is misinterpreting it.

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