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Help! Problem with Win XP. (Bi installed)

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Alright, Here's my problem and how it occured:


System Spec:

Win XP SP1

Intel Motherboad with P4 2.00Ghz processor

Intel embedded graphics


Samsung 52X Cd-R

HP 24x CD-RW


I had just installed the drivers and scanning software for a HP 2400 series scanner (FROM THE ORGNL CD). After a reboot, I noticed that both my CD drive werent functional, though they would still eject. Looking up the device manager, I suspected the drivers were corrupted by the previous install. 1: I could not restore back to a previous state, 2: backing up the original cdrom.sys, I tried to replace with another copy from the net, NEVER worked. 3: I booted from the XP CD and chose new install then chose repair current. It started copying the required files, and then after a reboot, Setup request for the asms file, which I know is in the I386 folder of the CD. Nothing which I do is able to make the setup program realize this. I had nothing else to do but cancel. Even after multiple reboots the same screen would appear asking for the ASMS file as before. With no other option, I installed a new copy of win xp in another partition, and am currently using the same (NOTE: My CD drives work fine in the new install.)


Kindly explain to me how I will be able to revert back( SYSTEM RESTORE DOES NOT WORK! frown ) , Also explain how i can remove this new installation when I revert back.


Loads of appreciation for your time,


. ...

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