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Need help with RPM's

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This is driving me crazy. I'm looking for following APAR's to patch my server and cannot find it. Its i386 architecture, any help will be appreciated.

10/16/2006 M 2006:1277.1 RHSA-2006:0500-01: freetype security update

10/31/2006 M 2006:1380.1 RHSA-2006:0603-01: libtiff security update

11/19/2006 M 2006:1528.1 RHSA-2006:0635-01: XFree86 security update

12/11/2006 M 2006:1700.1 RHSA-2006:0663-01: ncompress security update

12/11/2006 M 2006:1703.1 RHSA-2006:0666-01: XFree86 security update

07/18/2007 L 2006:1278.1 RHSA-2006:0571-01: gnupg security update

07/19/2007 L 2006:1305.1 RHSA-2006:0437-01: Updated kernel packages for Red Hat

07/19/2007 L 2006:1303.1 RHSA-2006:0298-01: openssh security update

07/20/2007 L 2006:1307.1 RHSA-2006:0368-01: elfutils security update

08/02/2007 L 2006:1392.1 RHSA-2006:0615-01: gnupg security update

09/10/2007 L 2006:1639.1 RHSA-2006:0661-01: openssl security update

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According to your PM your machine is running CentOS. In CentOS you only need to run the following command to get the latest updates installed:

yum update

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I think RPMs are a hox. As a matter of fact I think the whole Linux thing is a global hoax.


Sorry I can't help you, but I have my own level of frustration (obviously).

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