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New, Need some help with Fedora Core 5

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Hello All,


I have just recently installed Fedora Core 5 on my machine. I wanted to experiment/play with the enviroment since all I have dealt with is Windows Based computers. I will get to my point now. I have a wireless network in my house hold. I have a Linksys card for my pc (WMP54G Ver.4.0) and was wondering if someone could perhaps guide/help me installing this device for Fedora Core 5. Fedora installed my on-board lan but again I am hooked up wirelessly upstairs. How would I accomplish this task?



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Your wireless card should have the Ralink chipset in it. there are basically two ways to do this. Either using the Ralink drivers to get the card up, or ndiswrapper, which uses your Windows XP drivers to recognize the card, usually the ones found on your driver CD that came with the card.


For an idea on the subject, see my article on FC 4 test 3 (somewhat dated, but you get the idea) located here.


The general article for Linux is located here.

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