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dual boot, then linux only

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ok, i plan on running a dual boot setup until i get everything working right (mainly my wireless network card), then removing windows. my question is this...how do i go about removing windows once i don't need it anymore?

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There are a number of ways to do this, but remember, don't just remove the Windows partition, as this will confuse your Linux bootloader, unless you install Linux on a second hard drive and not accidently delete your Linux bootloader on the boot drive. To know how to do this, we would need more information.


1. What distro and version of Linux are you using?


2. Are you using Lilo or Grub as your bootloader?


3. Do you plan to install Linux on your only drive in the system, or to a second hard drive?


Again, if you just delete the Windows installation (change the partition structure by deleting the Windows partition) the partitions on your hard drive) this will result in Linux not booting, if both are installed on the same hard drive.


Best to ask this question when you are really ready to remove Windows.

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