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Help setting up a wireless USB Linksys card on Fedora Core 5

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Trying to set up a Linksys WUSB54GC USB Networking card on my Fedora Core 5 machine without any luck at all. I know the USB is working just fine, I plug in a flash drive and it works just fine...plug in the network card and absolutely nothing happens. The linksys card also works just fine in windows. Under System->Networking nothing is showing up in devices or hardware and there's no Linksys options at all when trying to install new hardware.

ifconfig and several of the other networking commands don't even work when I open up a terminal..I'm a big noob and totally lost here. Could someone help me please?

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It's time for me to finish my article on these USB devices! Maybe a general article on wireless to? Wait, I already have some!!!


Anyway, the card works in Windows, becaue you used the Windows CD to install the drivers, correct? Same with Linux.


This device will not work "out of the box" with wireless. You need drivers to get it to work. Look at the back of the card (device), or the retail box ID marker and post the revision number that is listed there. This will tell us what chipset drives this device.


What other networking commands are you referring to?


ifconfig needs to be run as root user in a terminal window. once there, type;


su (enter the password for your root account when prompted)


The correct command syntax for ifconfig in Fedora is;




But, the wireless card won't be listed there until you install the drivers and configure the card.

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