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Moving FC5 from one PC to another PC

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I currently have 2 drives, primary has XP, slave has FC... Ihave GRUB installed on the primary (xp) drive MBR. Now, i want to move FC drive to another PC which has a primary drive running on XP. What should i do on the new PC which i going to add in the new PC's primary drive? Grub ?




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Generally, it is not a good ides to move the Fedora drive into another system. The reson is, that the "new" PC's hardware configuration may be significantly different from the system that it is currently configured for.


Good examples would be that one system has a NVIDIA video card and the other an ATI video card and you configured the Fedora installation for the video card on the original system that it was installed on. Another example would be a significant difference in the monitor capability between one system and the other.


It may or may not work right off, depending on several potential issues like this.


Your two posts are a little conflicting, so let's takr a look.


The grub bootloader is on the XP drive (primary master, lets say) on the original system. It is NOT on the Fedora drive itself. Just the grub reference files are on that drive. So, the bootloader is not installed on the MBR of the Fedora drive in question. Placing the Fedora drive as the first boot drive in the second system will result in no bootloader being found on the Fedora drive.


Can i turn my FC5 drive to master and window xp to slave? and will it work ?if like tat? since FC5 has Grub in itself?


No, you can't, without making some changes in the Grub bootloader to change the logical detection of the Fedora drive. Remember, it was originally configured as the second drive in the original system and has no grub bootloader installed on that drive. Correct?


Additionally, Windows will fail to boot, as the Windows boot.ini file will try to point to the primary master drive for the XP startup files, which are now on the slave drive.


There are workwrounds for this, but not for folks not used to recovering and/or editing Grub or the boot.ini file to do easily.



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