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Linux adn WPC54GS

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Im trying to get my Linksys WPC54gs(v2) running under backtrack linux but im having problems, heres what ive done so far:


Started up with wireless card in

Ran terminal


Slax utils# ndiswrapper - i lsbcmnds.inf

installing lsbcmnds.inf

Slax utils# ndiswrapper -l

Installed Drivers:

lsbcmnds driver present

Slax utils# Modprobe ndiswrapper

Fatal: Module Ndiswrapper not found.

Slax utils# ls

lsbcmnds.cat* makefile bcmwl5.sys* loadndisdriver.c lsbcmnds.inf ndiswrapper* ndiswrapper-buginfo*

Slax utils# iwconfig

lo no wireless extensions


eth0 no wireless extensions


sit0 no wireless extensions


When i try to modprobe ndiswrapper it says ndiswrapper isnt there but it is as you can see. Im new to linux, but know a little so help is much appreciated.

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