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Need suggestion on distribution

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I am relatively new to Linux.

I have tried Mepis, Knoppix, Fedora, DSL.

None of them do what I want....

Here is what I am looking for :

I want a distribution that self boot from CD right

into a website and does a login to a web application.

Kind of like a kiosk bootable PC.

Knoppix is a good start but I was not able to modify the boot to get it to login to a web application.

Can some gurus suggest a couple of ways of doing this.


PS: Remember that it has to be easy because I dont know the internals of Linux.

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To my knowledge there is no Linux LiveCD that does what you are asking. I am fairly certain you would have to remaster the ISO of which ever distro you use and setup up some auto login scripts for KDE, Gnome or whichever and then auto launch some browser pointing to the website of interest.


And no, it won't be easy unless you know at least something of the internals.

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