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how to run VBA macros of MSExcel in Linux

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The Openoffice macros are written in Star Basic language and MSOffice macros are written using Visula Basic for Applications.

I have a Excel Macro file which has to run on linux.

The following are the procedures I adapted and finally i was not able to make it.


I first tried with Openoffice and found that the way the Openoffice processes the DataSheet is different from the way the MSOffice does.


So, I have known an emulator called wine. I installed wine. Then created an windows environment and then I installed VB6 runtime environment for the VBA to work. Now, it was time for me to try my luck in wine by installing MSoffice. I installed MSoffice 97 and the installation went pretty well.


Now, when I open my Excel sheet containing macros, the M[censored]cel started bouncing with errors.

The error was

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

" Run-time error '-2147417848 (80010108)':Run-time error '-2147417848

(80010108)': Method 'Paste' of Object '_Worksheet' Not Found."

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------


I googled and found that this error occurs when the cells are conditionally formatted and the cells range to paste was lost.


Can anyone guide me how to continue working on this?


Please advice me.


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