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XGL On SUSE 10.1 Using Nvidia FX 5200 Video Card

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I just wanted to pass along some information regarding the new XGL desktop, included with SUSE 10.1 I've been playing with SUSE 10.1 for a few weeks now and finally got the courage to try the XGL 3D desktop.


I'm using an Nvida FX5200 video card with 128M video RAM, AMD XP3000+ processor and 1GB of PC2700 RAM in my system.


I followed the directions, exactly, on this website, for installing and configuring XGL and Compwiz:




Yes, it's primarily eye candy and still in the beta stage of development, but I'm impressed. As is fairly well known, XGL does still have a bit of a problem running with 3D games.


So far, everything works fine except Frozen Bubble, which fades out in the background and distorted videos, when attempting to play a video from the CNN News website. All other videos played with KMplayer and other video players seem to work fine. Likewise, radar animations on the National Weather Service website play perfectly. Applications such as GoogleEarth and Stellarium also work normally.


All XGL shortcut keys work as they should and opening four different applications on the desktop cube are pretty cool!




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